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RCU Designs, Inc.

RCU Designs, Inc. was formed in 1995 when founders, Roger and Brenda Uhlich, discovered their products for BMW Oilheads were gaining popularity. With introduction of the Internet, demand soon required CNC machines to be purchased and full control of design and manufacturing was assumed at the home office. Now, RCU Designs distributes products to several BMW dealers throughout the U.S. Although liability insurance prohibits direct sales outside the U.S., several dealers do ship world-wide. The current inventory consists of over 90 SKU's for nearly every BMW since 1994 and new products are added every year. For 2014, we have added internet sales availability to all U.S. customers utilizing Pay Pal. However, you do not need a Pay Pal account.
Est in 1995
Made in the USA

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Passenger Backrests
Accessory Shelves ........ 4
Aux Footpeg Mounts ..... 4
Brake Ped Extension ... 4
Brake Reservoir Guard . 5
Centrstnd Skid Plate ..... 5
Farkle Compnt Plate ..... 5
Handlebar Risers ........... 5
Lightbars ....................... 5
Luggage Rack ............... 6
Oil Fill Plugs .................. 6
Oil Filter Wrench ........... 6
Shock Adjuster Caps ..... 6
Sidestand Feet .............. 6
Special Policies ............. 3
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Click on Dealer
Quality BMW Motorcycle Accessories
Backrests (Passenger) .. 4
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Easy seat removal
Backrest no longer available.
After nearly 27 years of designing and manufacturing all these neat BMW accessory products, we have decided to "call it a day" and go fishing.

All remaining inventory will be on sale for less 50% with complimentary freight. May 31, 2022, is the final day.

Should you desire to order a product, just notify us at
ruhlich@allwest.net. Note the product you want, your email and shipping address (USA only). We will send you a PayPal invoice for the MSRP less 50%.

When PayPal notifies us that you have paid the invoice, we will ship your product and notify you via email. You do NOT need a PayPal account. All Sales are final!!

Brenda and I wish to thank all of our customers for the years of support you have given us. We sincerely hope the product(s) you have selected is giving you the joy and life we intended in its design. THANKS, AGAIN!!!