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Oil Fill Plugs
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RCU 03000
RCU 04020
RCU 04020
This Oil Fill Plug will fit all K1200 models, but they are most visible on the K1200RS. The BMW roundel is available at your BMW dealer and is not included.
Oil Fill Plugs offer a different look from the OEM plugs and also offer a higher level of security. The plugs are machined from solid billet with threads just like the OEM plug. A recess for a BMW roundel is machined into the surface. All parts are manufactured from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy and are black anodized. The key has steel alloy pins pressed in for complete reliability. Each Oil Fill Plug includes one key to fit your key ring and installation directions along with the roundel part number. Extra keys may be ordered.
NOTE: Plugs are very good conductors of heat. Caution should be used with a hot engine.
RCU 03000
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