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Handlebar Risers
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RCU 06010
These Low Risers offer 1" of rise and 1-1/4" set-back. Original OEM brake and clutch lines should be adequate. (Sometimes there are variations in line lengths on the same models.)
NOTE: After installing Risers, it is mandatory to fully check for proper control operations in full left and right lock steering positions.
Handlebar Risers can significantly change the angle of the driver's back and relieve stress on the wrists. The handlebar replacement tube offers secret storage. All parts are manufactured from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy and are black anodized. The OEM handlebar top clamps are reused. Fasteners are black-zinc plated to resist corrosion. There are no holes to drill. Each Riser Set includes all necessary hardware, mounts and installation directions.
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