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Farkle Component Plate
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RCU 00200
Top of rear fender.
Farkle Plate in place. (Resistor not incl.)
Components (not incl.) mounted on Farkle Plate.
Adding electronic devices just got easier with a place to mount their controllers under the passenger seat. The Farkle Plate comes pre-drilled with mounting screws and extra screws to mount your PDM 60, Skene IQ160 and up to three automotive-type relays. The Plate is manufactured from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum and swirl sanded. There are no holes to drill in the motorcycle. Each Farkle Plate includes the necessary hardware and installation directions.
This Plate is only for the GT. (The GTL uses these three fender lugs for the passenger seat hardware. Will work on a GTL with a GT seat.)
RCU's GT has unique horns requiring the resistor and two relays. The third relay is for driving lights.
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