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Custom Orders
Generally, custom orders are not economically feasible for the customer. Any unique design requires the same design origination, engineering, drawings, fixturing, prototyping, testing and finishing as any volume-product-design would. And, time must be made between production runs of current products to do the custom project. Therefore, the time investment is usually not cost-justifiable for "just one". We have done modifications to existing products to suit a customer's requirements and on occasion, we have done "one-off" items. However, most of the time, our answer will be "no" to custom requests. We will be more than happy to address your requests and quote you a price for the work if we believe the request is within reason.
Installation Directions
Due to the number of Installation Directions we have, we have elected not to include them on this webpage. If you would like to review the installation of a product you are interested in buying or have lost the directions that came with your item, just drop us an email with a description of the product you want to install and we will send you a .pdf file for that item.
We always try to get new products on our webpage as soon as we can get pictures of the finished prototype. If we can't squeeze it into the right location with similar products, you may have to look in the Table-of-Contents for it's listing as we will have stuck it someplace else. If all else fails, just drops us an email and we'll try to help you. Be sure to check the "New Products" listing at the top-right corner of the 'Home' page.
New Products
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Shipping Rates
The shipping rates listed in PayPal are for shipping within the continental United States. If you want a product shipped outside the United States, do not order from PayPal. Contact us and we will calculate a shipping rate and a method for payment.